ARINC600 connectors

The Zhuyao Connectors ZC6 fully compliant with ARINC 600 standard. Our ZC600 series allows you to build the rack and panel connector that matches exactly your requirements dedicated to equipment mounted in avionic bays.

Fully configurable, ARINC 6 series offers the opportunity to customize your interconnection, choosing from a wide range of insulators, and technologies ranging from signal to power, through high speed or optical solutions.

Blind mate and low insertion force,ZC6 connectors provide clearance for better rackability.

Key features:

  • Rack and panel connector
  • Иlind mate
  • High density, up to 800 contacts #22
  • Sealed and unsealed versions
  • Front or rear removable contacts
  • Available for all technologies: signal, power, coax, triax, quadrax & optical contact

Typical applications:

  • Cockpit Display Units
  • Cabin & Air Conditioning
  • Avionic Bay/Data Acquisition
  • Landing Gear Managemen